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Owner Operator Insurance Memphis TnIf you’re looking for competitive rates on Owner Operator Insurance in Memphis Tennessee, then Pathway Insurance Services has you covered.

Pathway Insurance, a leading independent agency, offers commercial truck insurance in all 50 states including Tennessee. As an independent agency we are capable of shopping the market for the best rates and coverage being offered by top companies in the area for our customers.

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Memphis Tn Owner Operator Insurance – Read Your Policy!

Here at Pathway Insurance, we just can’t stress enough how important it is to read and understand your commercial auto insurance policy. The reason it’s so imperative that you understand what is and is not covered by your policy is that the worst time you want to find out that something isn’t protected by your insurance is when you’ve just submitted a claim. For the next few weeks we are going to be looking at scenarios that illustrate the importance of knowing what is in your policy and the consequences of ignoring it.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our first coverage scenario:

Memphis Owner Operator Insurance – Coverage Scenario Part 1

Tom is the owner of A B C Trucking and Transport, a small trucking operation that employs a few trucks and drivers.

When Tom started the company and it came time to purchase commercial auto insurance, Tom decided to go with the least expensive route. Instead of purchasing Collision Coverage and the recommended Comprehensive Coverage, Tom went with the option usually called Specified Causes of Loss Coverage.

Unlike Comprehensive Coverage, which covers almost everything except collision with another object, Specified Causes of Loss Coverage covers only the six or seven specific causes listed in the language of the policy. These specified causes, such as Fire or theft, cover a broad range of possible ways that your vehicle could be damaged, but they are by no means all-encompassing.

But Tom doesn’t mind. He reckons the cost savings on his yearly insurance bill will most likely outweigh the potential risk of damage that isn’t listed in the specified causes.

Tom’s been in business for many years, and though his drivers have gotten into a few minor accidents and run into a few deer crossing the road, so far he’s been proven right; his trucks have never sustained damage that wasn’t covered under his policy’s specified causes.

But one breezy Tuesday afternoon Tom receives notice that his insurance company is raising its rates significantly, and Tom isn’t happy about it.

See what happens next in next week’s article.

Owner Operator Insurance Memphis Tn – Call Today!

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