Commercial Truck Insurance Tennessee

Great Rates for Tennessee Truck Insurance Are One Call or Click Away! 

Commercial Truck Insurance Tennessee

Are you searching for Commercial Truck Insurance in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, or Michigan? If so contact Pathway Insurance by calling 1-800-998-0662 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern standard Time to speak with one of our licensed representatives. 

Pathway Insurance is a leading Insurance Broker offering Commercial Truck Insurance in Tennessee and seven other states mentioned above directly seven days per week.  

Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes are also available by means of our agent referral network in all 50 states.

Tennessee Truck Insurance – Special Offers

We offer commercial truck insurance for any type of business including Long-Haul Transportation, Hazmat Transportation, Tennessee Cargo Insurance, any type of Auto Repair or Body Shop Garages including Towing Operations, Moving Companies, Dump Trucks for Sand and Gravel or Debris Removal, Tennessee Non-Trucking Liability Insurance and Bobtail Insurance. 

Additionally a new insurance underwriter is offering Tow Truck Insurance in Tennessee as well as Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance, but there are some conditions that we will consider in just a minute. 

To request a quote after hours or on the weekend click one of the below links based on the Commercial Truck Insurance you need: 

Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance – New Program & Great Rates! 

If you’re looking for a better deal on Semi Truck Insurance in Tennessee you should call Pathway Insurance immediately! 

A national insurance underwriter is offering super competitive rates for Owner Operator Insurance in Tennessee but there are certain conditions you need to meet in order to qualify. 

Rates on Semi Truck Insurance in Tennessee may be reduced by 40% or more with this new program! If you are paying $10,000 per month right now for your truck insurance your rates could be reduced to as low as $6,000 per month for the same coverage.* 

What Are the Conditions for This New Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance Plan? 

Your trucking company must be in business under the same management for at least two years of continuous operation, have no lapse in your Tennessee Commercial Trucking Insurance, employ drivers with good driving records, have few if any safety violations, claims, or accidents depending on the size of your fleet, and provide proof of vehicles no longer under your authority or lease. 

To qualify for this program you will need to send us your most recent declaration page including all listed trucks, drivers along with their full name, and driver’s license number. 

Who is not eligible for this new Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance Plan? 

  • New Trucking Companies
  • Unacceptable Safer Reports
  • Companies Attempting to Hide Trucks
  • Failure to Disclose All Drivers
  • Unacceptable Claim Activity
  • Too Many Safety Violations 

If You Are Eligible for This New Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance Plan You May Qualify for a 40% Reduction in Price! 

This program is available for single tractor-trailers and fleets (hazmat is not accepted). 

How do you apply for this new program? Call Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662 to speak with one of our trucking specialists by phone five days per week until 5:30 PM EST or click on the links below: 

Agents are available online seven days per week to provide quotes, issue policies, accept payments with some of our insurance underwriters, file claims, issue certificates of insurance, add or replace new vehicles, and answer questions about your account. 

We are the only insurance broker in the country (that we are aware of) open seven days per week to serve your Commercial Truck Insurance needs. 

If you do not qualify for this program we will shop your account with our network of other Tennessee Trucking Insurance Companies. 

Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance – Big Savings for Qualifying Companies! 

If you own a Garage, Car Dealership, or you offer Towing Services only, a new insurance underwriting company wants to bid on your business when you are shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Tennessee. 

Premium savings could be as much as 50%!*

If you are currently paying $30,000 per year for your Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance your rate could be reduced to as little as $15,000* per year for the same coverage. 

We’ll take a few moments to explain the program. Keep in mind not all will qualify for this new program but may qualify for other competitively priced Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance Programs.

Who Qualifies for This New Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance Program? 

  • Your company must be in business two years or longer
  • Power units must be less than 20 years old
  • Drivers must be over the age of 25
  • Zero repo work
  • All power units must be garaged or within enclosed, secured, and gated fences
  • All power units will be physically inspected for acceptability
  • Acceptable loss history last five years
  • Insurance company must insure all trucks whether working or not 

Who Will Not Qualify for This Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance Program? 

  • Less than two years in business
  • Any insurance lapses in last two years
  • Federal Filings Required
  • Unacceptable loss history last five years
  • DUIs
  • Drivers under the age of 25
  • SR 22’s
  • Bad credit
  • Radius of operation over 100 miles
  • Business is not located in state of operation 

This preferred insurer will perform a physical inspection of your location and your power units and can reject the applicant in the event that they do not meet all of the necessary criteria.

In the event your company is rejected any premiums deposited will be returned on a prorated basis. Prorated means a partial refund will be returned to the applicant. 

What Steps Can You Take to Obtain Low-Cost Tennessee Truck Insurance? 

One of the most important steps you can take is to provide full disclosure to us as we are acquiring information for Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes for your company. 

Insurance companies will reject applicants and blacklist companies for life when they are given misleading or incorrect information from the applicant that results in a premium rate artificially lower than intended by the company due to misstatements on the insurance application. 

For example: One owner operator with two trucks under their authority purchased a tractor-trailer insurance policy in one state where the premium rates are low when the company was actually based in another state where the premium rates are significantly higher

When the insurance company learned of this falsification by the policyholder they immediately canceled their Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy and placed this policyholder on a do not insure list (they are permanently blacklisted by the company). 

Policyholders providing misleading information to insurance companies can result in one of three actions by the company: 

  1. Significant Price Increases on Current Policy
  2. Claim Denials for Legitimate Claims
  3. Cancellation of Insurance Policies with Policyholders Being Placed on a Blacklist by the Insurance Company 

Because of advances in database technology insurance underwriters now have access to DOT inspections and reports in real time and will catch companies that are attempting to hide drivers, vehicles, or the location address of the trucking company to minimize premium charges. 

There are a number of other steps you can take to keep your Tennessee Tow Truck Insurance rates low. Click on Improve your Credit Score to learn the second step.

Super Low Rates for Tennessee Truck Insurance Are One Call or Click Away! 

If you’re looking for a great deal on commercial truck insurance in Tennessee there is only one number you need: 800-998-0662. 

Call to speak with one of our licensed trucking specialists Monday through Friday to see how we can significantly reduce your premium rates and give you the service you deserve or use our online submission system by clicking any of the links below for the line of trucking insurance you need: 

  • Tow Truck Insurance Tennessee
  • Owner Operator Insurance Tennessee
  • Cargo Insurance Tennessee
  • Bobtail Insurance Tennessee
  • Garage Insurance Tennessee
  • Garage Keepers Insurance Tennessee
  • Dump Truck Insurance Tennessee
  • Moving Truck Insurance Tennessee
  • Box Truck Insurance Tennessee 

*Not all will qualify for this program or save money. This program is not available in all states.